Best Headlamps for Walking at Night

In the same way that cars need headlights, human pedestrians also need lights for visibility and safety when the sun goes down. Headlamps are a smart, hands-free option for lighting the way during your dusk and night walks. Our Top Pick Elmchee Rechargeable Headlamp See it on Amazon Who needs a headlamp for walking? Headlamps […]


8 Ways Walking Changes Your Body

With so much focus on getting healthy and combatting chronic diseases, we all know the importance of engaging in regular physical activity. Walking is one of the easiest, lowest-impact, and most accessible forms of exercise you can do that can have big payoffs. Here are a couple of ways that incorporating regular walks can change […]

9 Best Walking Flashlights

If you work a busy schedule and can’t start working out until the sun is down (or maybe even before it’s up?), then you know the importance of having a good walking flashlight. Having a good light source is essential for your safety and security, and it allows you to have peace of mind no […]

7 Best Walking Shoes Without Laces for Women

Having a good pair of walking shoes is crucial if you plan on being on your feet for any amount of time. With the right support and cushioning, you can feel less fatigued and prevent aches that can come from improper posture. Walking shoes without laces are even more convenient, since you can just slip […]

Walking Versus Cycling: What’s Better for You?

When it comes down to maintaining your heart health and overall fitness, establishing a good cardio routine is essential. While there are several ways that you can go about your aerobic exercise endeavors, there are two very common and popular ways to get your heart racing: walking and cycling. These exercises are so popular because […]